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I’m excited about this BioHome Review. I am a closet environmentalist. Or rather, my hubby and I are going green, but not so serious like the Japanese/Taiwanese. I believe this will catch on in Singapore as the government seemed to be actively encouraging green efforts through some Channel 8 drama.

At our home, we try to recycle our paper and plastics, save the water, use cloth instead of disposable diapers, etc. Next up, to carry our own bags and minismise plastic bags usage. And with Bio-home products, we can take a step further and start using environmentally-friendly products around our home.

It’s a double win situation because these products are better for the baby in the house too. We are not trying to be hipster by going green, but to do our small part in stewarding well earth’s limited resources and not destroying them with more waste and toxins.

About Bio-Home

My First Impression

The first time I came across Bio-home was in 2015, when the brand just launched. I looked at the small bottle and thought, “What an atas product. Don’t think I will buy, but let me try.” However, I didn’t really need to use the multi-surface cleaner in our rented place. Hence, I procrastinated and lost the bottle during our move.

Then some time last year, Bio-home reviews popped up here and there on Dayre (micro-blogging app). I was reading how good the products were, but still, the very expensive label was still etched in my mind. Moreover, I have the assumption that green products = expensive. I shrugged off the reviews.

Bio-home’s marketing is quite impressive. One day, not long after we shifted into our BTO, I found a set of trial kit hanging by our main gate. I looked around and saw the trial kit hanging at our neighbours’ gates too. The brand finally caught my attention and I did a little digging around.

About Bio-Home and products

I was surprised to find out that Bio-home is by homegrown brand Lam Soon. I assumed such eco-friendly products are overseas brands. The cleaning products range has strong formulations for effective cleaning, and yet uses 100% plant-based active ingredients that are safe for people, pets and the environment. The ingredients are from ethical and renewable sources.

The floor cleaner and dishwashing liquid use concentrated formulas, this means reduced waste and cost savings. For example, one pump of the dishwashing concentrate washes up to 5x more plates than normal dishwashing liquid. Singaporeans are not big on concentrates because the little liquid doesn’t feel enough for effective cleaning. However, I read somewhere that concentrates clean better and save you money from not using much. Hence, I started using a Softener concentrate for some time now. And I still got to remind myself not to use so much.

Being green inside out, Bio-Home products use bio-degradable and recycled packaging.

BioHome 3 -

Now with a baby, I prefer to use household products without harsh chemicals – not wanting the baby to smell, touch and consume toxic residue. It’s better to use natural cleaning products, but since I’m not hardworking enough to make my own, Bio-Home is the next best alternative. It is reassuring to see labels on the bottles indicating “Baby Fabrics” and “Baby Safe Formula“. A peace of mind that the products are safe and good for babies.

Bio-Home Product Range

Product range with pricing*

  • Dishwashing Liquid (500ml, S$3.90),
  • Kitchen Cleaner (500ml, S$5.50),
  • Floor Cleaner – Baby Safe Formula (1.5L, S$7.95),
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner (500ml, S$4.95),
  • Laundry Detergent (1.5L, S$11.90), and
  • Delicate Laundry Detergent – Baby Fabrics (1.5L, S$11.90).

*Prices taken from Redmart as at 14 Mar 2018.

I was quite shocked by the prices, because I was expecting a higher price point. Bio-Home turned out to be one of the more affordable eco-friendly cleaning products in the market. Moreover, parents are usually willing to fork out a little more for the welfare of their babies, so this pricing is still quite acceptable to us.

Where can you buy?

You can easily find their products at supermarkets such as NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Shengsiong, and online retailers such as Redmart.

My Bio-Home Experience

Floor Cleaner

My 8 month old baby, Evangeline, is now exploring the whole house, occasionally licking the floor. Ewww.. Just before she started crawling, I was using Magiclean floor cleaner and the chemical smell is quite strong. So Bio-home floor cleaner came in at the perfect time!

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With a baby-safe concentrated solution, and a natural scent of Lemongrass & Green Tea, I feel more at ease letting Evangeline roam around with this on the floor. At least she’s not consuming so much harsh chemical residue. I was worried initially if this floor cleaner will be bad for my parquet, but my fears were unfounded. It is suitable for most type of surfaces, including marble and parquet.

Mothers, do consider this floor cleaner if you have crawling babies at home. 🙂

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Like the name suggests, this cleaner can be used to wipe on most surfaces, that is if you are very diligent in household chores. I am not, only wiping surfaces once in a while. Hence, when I didn’t have a child, this cleaner didn’t seem so necessary for me. Now I use it for cleaning toys, playmats, basically any surface Evangeline is putting her mouth on.

It has a Lemongrass & Green Tea scent too.

Delicate Laundry Detergent

This is another product I will recommend to parents. This non-toxic, phthalate-free detergent is specially formulated for delicate clothes, baby fabrics, or for those with sensitive skin. It contains hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Bio-Home’s pH balanced formula so that no fabric softener is required. This is good because I’ve read that softener is not recommended for front load washer and baby clothes – it may irritate baby’s skin.

But I can’t resist adding Comfort Ultra Softener Pure here and there for the aroma. This detergent has Hyacinth & Nectarine scent but it’s not very strong on our clothes. Then again, fragrance is not recommended for baby clothes too. It’s best that detergent for babies is as natural as possible.

What I don’t like about this detergent is the amount to use for my front load washing machine. Usually, lesser amount is required for front load washer, as compared to a top loader. However, Bio-Home uses a full cup for 7kg load, regardless of front or top load. So I feel like I’m using detergent more than usual.
vs. Baby Laundry Detergent

Otherwise, Bio-Home detergent is generally cheaper than baby laundry detergents. For example, Pigeon’s detergent (600ml) sells for S$8.90 on Redmart. Or the 1.5L B&B detergent I got during baby fair, 2 for S$18.90 (1-for-1 promotion).

I sometimes mix my adult and baby laundry to wash, and hence instead of expensive baby laundry detergent, I can just use Bio-Home detergent now. Safe for baby, and suitable for adult clothing.

Dishwashing Liquid

This product is good for anyone who washes the dishes. The easy-rinse, low-foam and concentrated formula is supposedly to be gentle on your hands and yet effective in cleaning.

The first thing I noticed while using it is the Lemongrass & Green Tea scent. It also comes in Lavender & Bergamot scent. Also, the dishes did feel cleaner with less effort and detergent. 🙂

Visit for more information.

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Other Testimonials

“This is probably the best dishwasher liquid I have ever used. I easily get wrinkling hands if I use those cheap and strong chemical hand wash/dishwasher liquids. However, since I’ve switched to this (bio-home Dishwashing Liquid), the problem is minimized and it cleans the dishes effectively too.” – Yuna, Kuala Lumpur

“I like that it removes grease from plates well without leaving any residue or grease. I just need a pump of detergent to clean a load of dishes. It also helps to save water due to its low foam formula. My hands feel soft and smooth, with a slight lemongrass and green tea fragrance… Though they just contain natural ingredients, their cleaning power is still comparable to conventional cleaning products. The price is also quite affordable and the packaging looks great.” – Amanda, Singapore
Disclaimer: The products are sent by the brand for consideration. Regardless, my review is genuine and I am not being paid for this editorial review.

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