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So if you have read my guide to buying a mattress in Singapore, you would know we got Simmons Sea Breeze queen size mattress for our master bedroom. However, we decided to get another super single mattress to place beside our bed. It’s for our baby to turn, stretch and roll. She was turning and contorting in the cramped bedside crib. You can read about my “Sleep Training” at baby.joogostyle.com, soon. Getting another Simmons would burn our pocket into ashes, and so I googled and found Haylee. And now, I’m here to do a Haylee mattress review for you. 🙂

It has a hipster looking website with Desmond Tan being the ambassador! I was thinking, is this shop owned by him or is the owner a friend of his? It’s not usually within the budget of a small establishment to engage a celebrity for a promotional video. Later did I realise that Haylee is owned by fortytwo.sg. That took the hip and cool factor away, but instill a sense of trustworthiness since it’s part of a big brand name.

Website: haylee.sg

Ease of Purchase Decision

With so many mattress brands in the market, it is hard to find a brand and more specifically a model that can satisfy in terms of firmness and comfort. Hence before we decided on Simmons Sea Breeze, we did the usual and test out the mattress in the stores.

For each mattress, we laid more than a few minutes on it to find out if it suits our bodies. But even if we were to lie for half an hour, there’s a risk we wouldn’t like it after a night. I even heard that it takes a few weeks for our bodies to accustom to the mattress, or not. So if you are indecisive like me, it will be quite stressful to decide which mattress to buy and worry if you will regret the expensive decision.

100 Nights Sleep Trial

That’s why it sounded great when I heard about Haylee’s 100 nights sleep trial. Take 100 nights to decide if Haylee mattress is the one for you. If it does not suit you, you can return it for free within 100 nights. Let them know and they will remove the mattress from your place with a full refund and at no extra charge! You don’t even need to keep any of the packaging for you to return the mattress.

So, buy now, try it and decide later.

This will save you from the pesky salesman and the countless hours in showrooms. You can also avoid having to lie on the different beds with people looking at you. 😛 Purchasing a Haylee mattress is easy! You can simply buy the mattress online.

Returned Mattresses

According to Haylee,Mattresses returned are never resold. On the rare returns, our team will determine the condition of the mattresses through a stringent inspection process. If they are still in good condition, we donate these refurbished mattresses after replacing the removable Bamboo Fibre Fabric Knitted Covers. Here are a few organisations we work with:

  • South West Community Development Council
  • Social Services, Ministry of Social and Family Development
  • Metta Welfare Association

However, if the mattresses are no longer fit for use, Haylee will dispose them in a responsible manner.”

Delivery and Pricing

Haylee mattress review


Once you placed your online order, Haylee will deliver the mattress to you for free! What’s more, they can deliver within 2 hours during working hours. A good thing if you need the mattress urgently. If you prefer it to be delivered later, you have to choose a delivery date within 3 days of your order.

Haylee mattress is compressed, rolled up and delivered in a box. The compact size helped us to squeeze it through our room and placed it beside our mattress. It is also light enough to carry about and also good for me when I have to change the bedsheets.

After taking off the plastic cover, the mattress will expand into the intended thickness. Haylee recommends at least 7 days for the compressed mattress to gain its intended firmness.

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The price is relatively affordable for such a thick mattress with 4 layers of foam (height of 25cm). I would think Haylee is under the mid-range category.

Pricing goes like this: Single ($499), Super Single ($579), Queen ($699) and King ($849). Good news for you, Haylee is currently having a S$100 discount on all mattress sizes.


I heard of this concept (of 100 night sleep trial and mattress compressed in a box) a few years back. I had wanted to order it then, but they only deliver in certain regions like the US. Now I can finally get something similar in Singapore with Haylee!

I assumed Haylee mattress would be good since they seemed confident in their product. Confident enough to offer a 100-nights trial and a 10-year warranty. Moreover, when Haylee offered me a free mattress to have my thoughts on it, they specifically state that the reviewer post genuine review on social media platforms and websites. That’s how confident they are.

About the Mattress


Haylee’s research team has studied Singapore’s Mattress Market for 10 years. The team observed more than 560,000 mattress viewings done by 54,000 mattress buyers and collected feedback from over 33,000 mattress owners. The result is that the desired mattress firmness is quite universal.

Thus Haylee went on to test over 100 different combinations of materials, thickness, and ratios to finally create the perfect mattress!


After the research and testing, Haylee came up with a mattress that is at the ideal firmness of 6/10 to conform to your body contours.

The mattress comes with a protector. It is a fabric zipper cover made from sustainable and renewable bamboo fibers. You can easily remove it for washing. It is stretchy and snug for a breathable dry fit.

I unzipped and removed the protector and saw the mattress’s four layers of foam. The layers are visible as seen in the photo above. The layers are wrapped together with a mesh cloth. The four layers comprised of Aeroflo foam, cool gel memory foam, transition foam and high density foundation foam. These layers serve to provide advanced ventilation, reduce mattress temperature, help in consistent weight distribution and enable long term support for any body weight.


So what are my thoughts after two weeks on Haylee mattress?

It’s soft and comfortable, reminding me of a relaxing sleep in a four star hotel. I can feel the mattress contouring to my body shape, wrapping around my body as I “sink” into the foam. There’s a bit of firmness in the softness, 软中带一点硬.

However, it’s still a tad too soft for my developing 6-month-old baby to sleep on. Though I have to say, Haylee did tell me that the mattress is recommended for children above 10 years old, but I still went ahead to put my baby on it. Then again, the mattress is probably not as sunk in for my baby since she’s light.

Moreover, I felt that the weight distribution is not as consistent because it feels like I will roll off if I am sitting or sleeping at the edge of the bed. Hence, the best position to be in is the middle, which is not a big issue.

I used to be a sleeper of extra firm mattress, at firmness level of 10/10. I gave in to a little softness with Simmons because of my hubby. Hence, when I first tried Haylee, it is a bit too soft for my liking at 6/10. However, it was still comfortable and I had a good night rest with Haylee. So if you are like me, don’t return your mattress in just a few days! I believe 100 nights trial is there for a reason. It’s probably a good time frame for your body to get used to it or decide it’s definitely not for you.

I think Haylee mattress is also a good option for your guest room. Pamper your guests a bit without burning a hole in your pocket.

In conclusion, if you are still contemplating whether to get Haylee, I say go ahead! Experience it for yourself. There’s always the free returns. 🙂

Have you heard anything else about Haylee? Or reviews from your friends and family? I like to hear from you! Please leave your comment below. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Haylee Mattress Review”

  • Hello there!

    thanks for the awesome and very honest review! thanks to contributors like you, we really benefit from more info before making a purchase.

    some questions if you could help out with – super appreciative!!

    1. it’s been sometime you posted this, how’s the haylee bed been? still good?

    2. for the trial, do you need to have a bed frame? I havent bought my frame yet – wonder if they would insist the trial of bed to be set on a bed frame or can we test it on the floor?


    • Hello Mabelline! Glad to hear that from you. 🙂

      The bed is placed in our guest room and so we don’t use it often except to change the toddler’s diaper. And she would often like to walk/jump on the bed, even so, the bed is still fine. For my occasional naps, it’s comfortable enough. But still it might be considered soft for daily nights (but that’s my preference for firmer beds).

      And nope, they didn’t insist on a bedframe.

      Hope these help! 🙂

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