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Not long after our purchase, my air-conditioner (“aircon”) units stopped being cooling in early 2019. Good thing we bought an extended warranty from Gain City because the installation by them was not done properly. Hence the team from Gain City had to repair and even bring back two units to replace the defective parts. Since then, the aircon units have been working well. So somehow, it slipped my mind to service our aircon for…almost two years. Oops.

Is aircon servicing necessary though?

Importance and Benefits of Aircon Servicing

DW Aircon servicing my aircon

Aircon servicing is like eating healthy food and supplements, it is to maintain the body or in this case, the aircon units. Without maintenance, things will break down more easily and in the end, we have to fork out much more to repair them.

More specifically, regular aircon servicing helps to:

  • Minimise aircon problems or breakdowns. Extend the aircon’s lifespan. Regular maintenance prevents major aircon problems that may lead to costly repairs and additional chemical overhauls. Don’t save small money to spend big money. 😉 Also, the technician will inspect and fix small issues during the servicing, thus improving the aircon’s performance.
  • Improve cooling efficiency and save energy (bills). Without servicing, the cooling efficiency will decrease (i.e. the same temperature set is not as cold as before). This means the aircon will consume more electricity, leading to a higher electricity bill.
  • Reduce dust and grime buildup. Like fan blades, aircon units collect a layer of dust after a while. What’s more, water vapour condenses on the aircon coils. This water when mixed with dust can cause an accumulation of grime. Grime is harder to remove, and that’s when chemical cleaning comes in. A dirty aircon means lower cooling efficiency, a higher possibility of overheating and more wear and tear.
  • Produce healthier and cleaner air quality. Also, prevent bad odours. Air filters accumulate much dust and pollutants after a period of time. Thus a thorough cleaning of the filters means better and cleaner filtration. In turn, indoor air circulation is cleaner, and thus a decrease in the spread of germs and bacteria. Bad odours from bacteria accumulation will not occur too!

Thus, it’s beneficial and almost a necessity to service your aircon. However, if you are looking to change or install new aircon units, refer to my guide on choosing a suitable aircon, or my review if you are thinking of engaging Gain City.

Aircon Servicing in Singapore

When to service the Aircon?

If you are not diligent to schedule an aircon servicing session like me, you might encounter the following situations. If you do, then it’s time to book an aircon servicing session!

According to DW Aircon, signs your aircon needs servicing include:

  • Noise or strange sounds coming from your aircon can be for many reasons, but definitely a problem.
  • Aircon not as cold as before means there’s a drop in cooling efficiency has decreased.
  • Aircon has sudden shutdowns. It could be due to loose wiring, a dirty evaporator and unit, or a frozen compressor.
  • Bad odour coming from the aircon. This may be due to leakages or accumulated dust in the unit.
  • Substantial increase in your electricity bills. This might be caused by a malfunctioning aircon that operates inefficiently.

How often to service the aircon? Depends.

To prevent the above situations, how often should aircon be serviced? It depends on the usage, location and age of the aircon. Here are some scenarios to service the aircon more often:

  • Usage: Aircon that works more than usual — aircon is switched on every day, aircon is used to cool a large room, or aircon is always set to a lower temperature like 20 degrees celsius.
  • Location: Aircon is in a dusty environment, or in a location affected by elements of nature. These places include being on the ground floor, or near a highway. Outdoor units near nature and unsheltered from the sun and rain. Aircon units that have more tendency for dust and dirt to build up require frequent maintenance.
  • Age: Due to wear and tear, an older aircon unit requires more servicing.

Suggested Schedule for Aircon Servicing

In countries with hot and humid weather such as Singapore and Malaysia, aircon tends to be used more often and at lower temperatures. Hence, Singapore aircon companies usually recommend servicing every 3 months for daily users.

However, on websites from Malaysia, recommendations are generally not so frequent. For example, Daikin Malaysia and Mitsubishi Malaysia suggest once a year at the minimum. On the other hand, Mitsubishi Singapore recommends regular servicing on a quarterly basis, that’s every 3 months.

A Malaysia website,, suggests aircon servicing for daily users to be every 4 to 6 months, while weekly users at every 6 to 8 months. As for the cleaning of air filters, it’s every 2 to 4 weeks for daily users, and every 4 to 6 weeks for weekly users. Chemical cleaning is at once a year.

So I guess, it’s up to your comfort level to ensure your aircon units are inspected regularly and properly maintained.

Cleaning of Air Filters and Chemical Cleaning

Before writing this post, I didn’t know that I had to clean the aircon air filters. What’s more, I ought to do it so frequently! No wonder the inside of my aircon units were quite dirty when the aircon technician opened them. Best to search for your manufacturer’s instructions to do so. If not, I believe there are many YouTube videos to guide you. For those using Mitsubishi Electric like me, you may refer to these online instructions:

On another note, there are two methods for chemical cleaning — chemical wash or chemical overhaul. On that note, aircon experts such as DW Aircon recommend a chemical overhaul instead of a chemical wash. Compared to a chemical wash, an overhaul has a more thorough clean-up and inspection. In this way, the technician will be able to help repair or replace any defective parts

What does aircon servicing entail?

In regular aircon servicing sessions, the technician will check and clean the indoor unit by wiping, vacuuming or washing it with water. The parts include air filters, front panel, cover, direction panes, blower wheel, evaporator coil, drainage tray, and drainage pan. Other works include checking the fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary), compressor suction and discharge pressure. There’s also the tightening of electrical contacts

Certain companies or packages include the outdoor condenser unit to be checked and washed, and the coolant pressure to be checked for no blockages, which may cause leaks.

Different aircon companies have different scopes of work, so when comparing prices, remember to take into the range of work provided.

What’s the Price and Package?

The price for aircon servicing depends on the number of units cleaned and how deep the cleaning is. It also depends if the servicing is an ad-hoc session or contract at a regular schedule (e.g. quarterly basis).

In a typical HDB flat, usually, there will be three or four aircon units. To save money on aircon servicing, it is best to service all the units at the same time than individually at different times. Also, there are more savings in getting a package over an ad-hoc session.

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Aircon Servicing with DW Aircon

“I think we need to call for aircon servicing soon,” my husband said. “The (aircon) vents are so dirty.” Thank God for hubby’s sharp eyes because I wouldn’t have noticed it from my height.

Our aircon units had no issues just dirty. We have four aircon units, one aircon unit for each of the three rooms and another unit in the living room. Our wall-mounted aircon is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, System 4.

There are many companies in Singapore that do aircon servicing. So you can either get a word-of-mouth recommendation or browse through a list of aircon companies at In this list is DW Aircon with a 5-star rating from 15 online reviews. Did a quick google on DW Aircon and found them with 4.9 stars from 1090 Google reviews.

(Statistics as of Nov 2021)

About DW Aircon

With over 10 years of experience, DW Aircon does aircon works for residential and commercial. They provide an extensive range of aircon services including aircon servicing, repairs, installation, chemical overhaul, gas top-up, and fixing water leaks.

What I like about DW aircon is its transparent pricing structure. The prices and scope of work are published on their website. I don’t need to call the company and wonder if I was quoted a higher price than somebody else. Do note though, there’s price ambiguity in some of their services such as chemical overhaul. You have to contact them for a quotation. This is understandable because they need to quote based on the state of the aircon.

Here’s an excerpt of the prices, refer to DW aircon’s website for the full price list:

One-Time Aircon Servicing Price

  • 3 Fan Coil Units – $95
  • 4 Fan Coil Units – $110

Aircon Servicing Contract Price (Quarterly Subscription Package)

  • 3 Fan Coil Units – $85
  • 4 Fan Coil Units – $100

In their price list, they also stated their scope of aircon servicing: cleaning of main aircon parts such as filters and evaporator fin, vacuuming of water drainage pipes, and performing routine checks for aircon components, uncommon noise problem, water leakage problem, and odour from the aircon breeze. Note that condenser servicing is not part of their work scope. I will touch on this later.

Booking Appointment with DW Aircon

I am not a big fan of phone calls, so being able to arrange an appointment over WhatsApp is a big plus for me. Their customer service officer is friendly too. Confirmation and details of the appointment were sent through WhatsApp as well. Change of mind? Simply give them two days’ notice when you want to change or cancel the appointment.

At the end of the session, I scheduled my next aircon servicing in 2022 through WhatsApp. DW Aircon said they will send me a reminder 3 days before the appointment.

Aircon Servicing Experience with DW Aircon

After I changed all the bedsheets and finished my weekly deep clean housework, I remembered there was aircon servicing the next day! I nearly fainted when I thought of the horrible mess the previous aircon cleaning went with another company.

Thankfully, it wasn’t that messy with DW Aircon this time around. To play safe, I used a big sheet to cover my beds just in case the dust flew and landed on our newly changed bedsheets. Take note, toilets would be dirty (with wet dust particles) too as the technician needs to wash some of the parts and cloth with water. So a big tip would be to clean your house, vacuum and mop only after the aircon servicing session. Other than cost savings, servicing your aircon units all at the same time means less cleaning too.

Mr Murthi is the only technician that came to service all four of my aircon units. He was quite punctual. He dismantled the fan coil units to give them all a good clean. I also appreciate that instead of assuming, he asked which toilet he could use before he started servicing. Moreover, he sounded experienced when I asked him questions about aircon in general. The whole session took about an hour.

According to him, my four fan coils are quite dusty, he has seen worse, but not the cleanest. Hence DW aircon said it’s best to have my units serviced at regular intervals, like every 3 or 4 months.

A note about Condenser Servicing with DW Aircon

Towards the end of the session, he said he will check the outdoor condenser unit. I was busy with JBL and so didn’t observe what he did. He just mentioned that my condenser is quite okay or clean. However, after he left, I suddenly had time to process. Did he check or clean the condenser? Because I don’t remember him climbing out of the window and dismantling the condenser. So I WhatsApp DW Aircon to ask.

According to DW Aircon, condenser servicing is required only once or twice a year. Condenser servicing is a separate servicing from their aircon servicing.

For the condenser, an inspection is required to determine the condition of the condenser. He will assess whether the condenser needs one or two condenser servicing per year to prevent dirt and for hygiene purposes. The technician can inspect the condenser when he comes for aircon servicing, but might not be able to service it on the same day. No dismantling is required for both inspection and servicing. If need be, the condenser will be serviced with the gas flushing method.

The price for condenser servicing per unit is from S$55 – S$65, depending on the BTU.

Mr Murthi inspected my condenser that day but didn’t suggest servicing. So I guess it’s still working well after two years. 😛 In any case, the technician will inspect my condenser again during my next service.

Overall it was a pleasant experience and the rooms were indeed cooler with the serviced aircon units. 🙂 If you have anything else you like to know, leave me your questions below and I’ll be happy to answer you!

P.S. It’s been raining a lot these days, and many might not feel the urgency to service the aircon. But it’s a good time to service because it’s like an off-peak season. It’s easier to get an appointment timeslot and the aircon technician is less busy running around too.

Give your aircon a good clean with DW Aircon. Make an appointment with them today at +65 8241 0032 (Whatsapp Only), available daily from 9 AM to 9 PM. You can also follow DW Aircon on Facebook to be updated about their recent aircon projects.

If you are looking to change or install new aircon units, refer to my guide on choosing a suitable aircon, or my review if you are thinking of engaging Gain City.

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