Bedroom Doors in Singapore (Siong Door and YonTat)

There are quite a few notable suppliers for bedroom doors in Singapore. You can start by looking at the catalogue of the usual suspects: Yongfang, YonTat and Siong Door.

You will then realise that there are many types, designs and material used for bedroom doors available in the market. There are timbre, semi solid/solid veneer, naytoh, laminate and many others. It’s better to have a general idea of the doors you want, or the theme of your house before you start searching.

Reasons why we didn’t opt in for HDB OCS

We didn’t opt in for HDB’s optional component scheme (OCS) and thus our rooms didn’t come with doors. HDB BTO flats usually install semi-solid veneer and we didn’t want that.

We rented a HDB BTO before, and the doors were making crazy banging sounds when we opened and closed them. It’s because of the door’s hollowness. Solid door has better soundproofing and thus not as noisy. Moreover, the same semi-solid swing door is also used for the BTO toilets and it eats up much space in the “tiny” toilets.

Lastly, we prefer to choose our own door design to fit our theme instead of getting the standard HDB design.

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Our search for doors

One downside of not opting in would be having to spend the time and effort to search for the perfect doors. To be honest, it’s hard to choose a door design based on printed catalogue.

Hence, we had to make a few trips down to the various door suppliers to look at the quality and design of their doors. We browsed through real life samples and got to touch and feel the actual doors. In the end, we shortlisted Siong Door and YonTat .

At YonTat

Siong Door

Hubby had preference towards Siong Door because they were friendlier than YonTat. So having unfriendly salespeople do affect your sales.

Opening Hours: Daily include Sat, Sun and PH, 9:00AM – 6:00PM.

Designs of the Doors

Siong Door has limited designs, unlike YonTat. I had this impression because there is only a limited collection of door samples available in their showroom. The salesperson said she can bring out more samples if I saw any I liked on their printed catalogue. But like I said, it’s hard to determine from the printed catalogue.

So based on what they have in the showroom, I concluded that their designs are quite boring with a few variations here and there. Perhaps because they only display the popular ones and thus are commonly found in other homes.

Group Buy

Other than their friendliness, their group buy was also another reason that enticed us. According to them in mid-2017, they have group buy price only for veneer solid.

  • Minimum 5 orders with at least 2 doors each.
  • All must pay 50% deposit before the price will be reduced from $280 to $238.
  • Price includes
    • Cylinder lockset, the round lock usually found in old HDB flats. If you want lever lock, you will have to add another $20 or $40 for China-made ones or Yale respectively. According to a saleslady, you have to press the lever down further for the China ones than Yale, meaning more effort to open the door. Yale seems to be of a better quality anyway.
    • Measurement, delivery and installation. You can decide the installation date after putting down a deposit.
    • All prices stated are without GST.

If group buy is too troublesome for you, you can check for their ongoing promotions. At that time, there were two colours of full solid veneer (with UV Lacquer) that were on offer at $239. Just a dollar more expensive than group buy.

Room Doors Lock - home.joogostyle

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Lever Locks at YonTat

Laminate Doors

High pressure laminate (HPL) doors is their newest product that was first launched in April 2017. There is limited stock and thus not always readily available. If it’s sold out, you have to wait for the next batch.

According to Siong Door, HPL door is full solid, scratch resistant and with good sound insulation. The door is environmentally friendly as it uses less wood to reduce door warping. The internal structure uses fire rated material and hence you can also purchase your main door with these HPL characteristics.

The original price is $480 with promotional prices at $299 and $329. Prices not inclusive of GST.

We considered this because we were expecting a child and we heard that veneer door can be scratched easily. However, there were only 3 designs available, and not suitable for our theme. Moreover with GST in, the pricing is not very attractive.

Did we get from Siong Door?

We almost ordered from Siong Door and already organised a group buy. However it was hard getting the numbers and we were in urgent need for the doors. So with the original price at $280+$40 for lever lock, the door at Siong Door ended up being more expensive than YonTat. Even with group buy, we decided it’s better to top up a bit to get what we like at Yontat.


We have read about the curt attitude of YonTat’s staff on blogs and got to experience it ourselves on the phone. There’s an exception though – there is one young lady at YonTat who was quite friendly towards us when we went to their office.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30pm; Saturday, 8:30am – 4:00pm; Sunday, Close

Designs of the Doors

We browsed through their whole range and had a few that we liked, unlike at Siong Door. So hubby and I picked a design each after much deliberation and I did a mood board. As seen in the photo collage above, the left is my door choice, the bottom right is hubby’s choice, while the other 2 squares are our flooring.

Bedroom Doors in Singapore - home.joogostyle

And yes, we decided to go with my choice in the end (PE Veener Solid Door: PE51). No regrets! They fit nicely into our home and had a classy, Scandinavian feel. I usually see a similar design in condominiums, and this further confirmed it’s premium look. 🙂

PE Veneer Doors

Anyway, YonTat carries PE Veneer doors that are exclusive to them. The door can have either hollow or solid core and be fire-rated upon request. According to YonTat, it is the only veneer door in the market with waterproof surface.

PE veneer door meant the door has no varnish as compared to veneer doors elsewhere. Probably that meant the doors wouldn’t fade or be scratched as easily.

Room Doors Lock - home.joogostyle


Pricing is at $300 (exclude GST), including lever lockset, measurement, delivery and installation. The lever lock is either Yale or this other Taiwan brand. Oh! You need to top up more for a few lock models, e.g. the one in matt black. You can take a look at their selection in the second photo of this post.

Our Final Product

We decided on Yale for the lockset without second thought but procrastinated on the design. When we finally decided on 5367SN, it was out of stock and new stocks weren’t coming in soon, so we got 5347SN instead. No problem with it so far and looks good. I actually like the door stopper – classy and modern!

I am also glad we chose solid door (PE Veener Solid Door: PE51) despite a premium. It really feels more solid and sturdier than semi-solid doors. Feels nicer when we swing the door.

Room Doors - home.joogostyle

Installation Process

The worker (only one person required for door installation) was punctual and efficient. It took him about 3 hours to install the doors and lockset. The workmanship is good.

Other Information

I heard these but did not verify: If you want knobs, try Best Industrial. And for S&K solid wood doors (, the laminate door with lever locks is priced at $248 and $288 (before GST) for hollow and solid respectively.

Hope this helps!

Where are you planning to get your doors? And do you have other door suppliers to recommend? I like to hear from you! Please leave your comments below. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bedroom Doors in Singapore (Siong Door and YonTat)”

  • we got our door from hddoor if anyone interested can find out more from them. I visit their shop and went crazy over too many selection, so many nice design cant make up my decision. good and bad but over all experience is very good. very knowledgeable sales and installation was professionally done

      • Hi I’m looking to replace all the bedroom doors and toilet door in the condo that I just moved in. How would you rate the soundproof quality of your HPL doors? I need really good soundproof solid door. My current ones are hollow and even turning the door levers also make loud noises. Hope you can share your user experience now that it’s been 1 yr plus since the blog. Thanks in advance!

        • Hello Cat, I didn’t get HPL doors but solid doors and so far they’re good, not making as much hollow sound as semi-solids. We pasted some stickers at the door edge to further lessen the sound of opening and closing of doors. 🙂

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