BTO Service Yard Design (Part 2): Layout and Storage Ideas

BTO Service Yard Design


Service yard is usually one of the neglected areas when it comes to renovation planning. However with flats becoming smaller these days, it’s good to maximise this small space. Before conceptualising your design, know the locations of

  • the different pipes and where they run,
  • the washing machine’s tap and thus the washer, and
  • the hanging strap of HDB’s indoor retractable clothes rack (so you will know how to position your items and not hinder the strap’s movement to lower the clothes rack).

Knowing the locations help you to work your design around them. This will decrease future changes to the design.

Image: IKEA

You will definitely need to decide early where to place the bulky items in your service yard. Water heater tank and washing machine are the two major ones.

Water Heater Tank

HDB provides pipes for the water heater in the toilet. However, if you are getting a sizeable heater, 35L and above, there would not be much space in the toilet for it. So get a plumber to lay the pipes for the water heater from the toilets to the service yard. In any case, you might still want to put the heater in the service yard for aesthetic purposes.

Coming soon: Which Type of Water Heater to Buy?

Washing Machine

Front-load or top-load? Which brand?

Read: How to choose which Washing Machine / Washer to buy?

Storage Ideas 

Shelving Rack / Cupboard

The shelving rack in the picture below is good for washing detergents (spare/back up), bleach, basket of clothes pegs, laundry bags, iron, easy ironing spray, glass cleaning spray, etc. Or even extra storage space for the kitchen stuff.

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If you do get this or a cupboard, raise the legs up above ground, they might get wet if there’s leakage from the washing machine. Due to the configuration of our service yard, I think this shelving rack can only be placed opposite of the washing machine.

Hanging Rack and Shelves

How about hangers for your laundry? I thought this hanger rack design is brilliant! A space saving idea above the washing machine. Probably can find a better looking bar though.


I think floating shelves above the washing machine is a nice design idea too. Though for now, I can’t think of anything practical to put there – toilet paper, rags?

BTO Service Yard Design


And a pretty wallpaper or a splash of colour is a nice touch!


Extra: Stocking Up

Service yard is where we will do our laundry and keep our house cleaning stuff. Here’s a general list of things to buy from the supermarket or mom-and-pop stores to equip your service yard:

  • Laundry detergent and Softener
  • Clothes Pegs and Hangers
  • Laundry Basket
  • Laundry Bags
  • Ironing Board, Iron, Easy ironing spray

Other Household Cleaning Items:

  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Magic Clean and sheets
  • Glass Cleaner Spray
  • Mop, Mop drainer and pail
  • Pails – big and small

More about whether to install windows and grilles or blinds for your service yard in Part 1.

Did I miss out on any thing or tip? How are you going to “design” your service yard? Share with us in the comments section below. 🙂

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