Air-con room with novita Humidifier NH890 (Review)

I wiped away the clear mucus from my 5 month old’s runny nose. I was concerned about her occasional dry cough, especially in this Covid-19 era. Recently, fellow mothers have shared that anyone, including babies, displaying Covid-19 symptoms will be swabbed. I don’t want that for my little one unless really necessary. Also, I don’t want to feed her medication at this young age. So I decided to try a relatively age-old advice before going to the doctor: get a humidifier. Wait, or is it a de-humidifier?

Dry Indoor Air: Dehumidifer or Humidifier?

novita humidifier review

I always mixed up dehumidifier and humidifier. So, which is the one to “clear up” cough and cold of babies? Glad I came across novita’s e-store that sell both of these, along with purifiers and sterilisers. Looking through the product descriptions, I got my queries answered. It’s humidifier!

Dehumidifier: Remove Excess Moisture

Singapore experiences high humidity all year round and the excess moisture in air speeds up mould, mildew and bacteria growth. This in turn produces musty and unpleasant odours. Worse still, valuables such as leather goods, camera equipment and musical instruments are damaged. Hence dehumidifier serves to regulate humidity, control excess moisture, prevent mould and mildew growth, and act as a defence against allergies.

There’s also something called the laundry dehumidifier. It was recently introduced to me by a neighbour when I asked about buying a clothes dryer. A laundry dehumidifier saves space because it’s much smaller than a dryer and is also less energy consuming. novita has such a dehumidifier, called the LaundryFresh™ Dehumidifier. However, a laundry dehumidifier needs an enclosed space to work, and my service yard is only with roller blinds and not windows. Hence, this is not an option for me. 

Ideal Places for dehumidifier: wardrobe (instead of thirsty hippo), bathroom, and storeroom/warehouse.

Humidifier: Adds Moisture

On the other hand, a humidifier replenishes moisture to the air. Thus, it is especially useful in air-conditioned room, where the air is very dry and humidity level is low.

Low humidity can cause problems such as sore eyes, dry throat, and blocked nose. It can also lead to respiratory and skin problems like sinusitis and eczema. This is because dry air irritates the lining of our nose and throat and this causes sinuses. Hence, according to studies mentioned by novita, children who are prone to allergies and respiratory conditions will benefit from increased air moisture to ease congestion and breathe better.

Moreover, being in an air-conditioned room may cause discomfort due to the drastic change in humidity level. Ideally, humidity levels inside the home should range from about 60%-70% instead of 30%-50% in an air-conditioned environment.

novita and Humidifiers

About novita and Products

In the trend of #SupportLocal during this covid 19 era, do check out novita, a home-grown Singapore brand with more than 20 years in creating innovative home appliances. I first knew about novita because I saw its water dispensers at a departmental store. Browsing through its online store, I now realised it has many more products.

Through its wide product range, novita aspires to enhance the quality of life by introducing the Total Wellness concept in ‘Air.Water.Body’. From purifying solutions for air and water to massages for the body. With extensive research and development, each product is made to be of high technical and aesthetic standards.

Head over to novita’s website for various promotions, and launch specials.

novita’s Humidifiers

novita has 3 models of humidifiers with different price points at their e-store:

  • NH810 + a bottle of air purifying solution concentrate (promo: S$109). This is for those who want value for money product.
  • NH890 + a bottle of air purifying solution concentrate (promo $239). This is for those who like a minimalist design in white.
  • NH900 (S$299) is for those who like a fancy floral print humidifier that comes with a black colour option. It also comes with longer humidification hours of up to 21 hours, with UV Bio-photocatalyst sterilisation and deodorisation features.

novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate

A bottle of Air Purifying Solution Concentrate (“Concentrate”) is sold with humidifier NH890, NH810. According to novita, this concentrate is formulated to eliminate bacteria & virus such as H1N1 & Respiratory Syncytial Virus and achieves an elimination efficiency of 99.99% against E.Coli & S. Aureus. It is introduced into the air through humidification or vaporisation.

Because I am using the humidifier in my 6-month-old baby’s room, I checked with novita if the Concentrate is safe for babies. According to the representative, it is safe to use! The Concentrate is formulated with NSF certified and EPA registered active ingredient from US, and is non-toxic.

Thus, this concentrate can also be used in places such as childcare centre and clinic/hospital. Like novita said in their website, they seek to bring professional industry air sanitisation technology into home and work spaces.

With six different scents to choose from, we shortlisted Citron Rouge and Magical Utopia. If this is used in our master bedroom, I would have gone for Magical Utopia for the atmosphere of a Shangri-la hotel. But I got the Citron Rouge for my baby’s room because we are in dengue red zone. This scent is known for its effective repelling properties against insects and mosquitos.

The scent will be gone in a while, but the Concentrate’s air santisation properties still remain active in the water of the humidifier. So use this Concentrate to keep the air sanitised and eliminated of 99% of airborne germs while humidifying the room!

Refer to their website for more information about this Concentrate.

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Review of novita Humidifier NH890

Why novita Humidifier NH890?

JBL is captivated by the fine mist

We went for novita Humidifier NH890 because I like the sleek design, giving a luxurious touch to the room decor. The minimalist design also blends the humidifier in as it does its work in the background.

As an added bonus, we realised the mist emitted is powdery fine when we started using it. The room feels like some high end spa. Hur hur. Nice to “touch”/feel the mist too. This is because the nebulizer vibrates up to 1 million times/sec to break up water and concentrate into fine mist. No wonder the mist feel different from my previous budget diffuser. You get what you pay for. 

Easy to use?

When the product came, there was no instruction manual. The instructions and a few to know information were printed on the box. It reminded me of iPhone. I supposed the humidifier is designed to be easy and intuitive for the user to operate. Later did I realise there’s a quick starter guide using the QR code provided on the box. novita is cutting down on paper to be more environmentally friendly.

It’s easy to use, but I still took a while to figure out the machine. Like when I took the water tank to refill, water dripped from it and made my floor wet. It’s apparently a normal phenomenon for humidifiers. So make sure you let the water finish dripping into the water reservoir before making the trip to your bathroom.

Then I saw water in the water reservoir. Should I unplug the machine and pour this water away? It seems a tad too troublesome. Hence I queried novita and they told me not to worry. Once I refill the water tank and start using the humidifier again, the water in the water reservoir will be used up. But I do need to pour the water away if it has been in there for a couple of days.

Water tank (the “bucket”) and water reservoir (the “pool” below with the yellow sticker)

How are the functions?

This humidifier is packed with lots of functions. However, being a first time user of a humidifier, they are a bit overwhelming. I didn’t play with the settings initially because I didn’t have time to figure out how the different settings will affect the humidification process. For example, I can regulate the mist volume to 3 different levels, but how does the different level affect my experience? Perhaps a booklet to explain the functions would be helpful.

Anyway, without considering the direction of the mist, feel free to position the humidifier that fits your room layout the best. That’s because the removable valve of the humidifier is 360 degrees. So regardless of the unit’s position, you can get the mist in any direction you desire by simply turning the valve.

Another useful feature that I only discover on their website is the water shortage indicator. A “no” will show on the display indicator to notify user when the water level is low and that it’s time to refill the water tank.

I also like the auto-off safety device in it. I feel safer that the humidifier can shut off by itself when the water level falls below the safety level. This helps to prevent potential overheating or damage to the unit. I don’t want a fire hazard in my baby’s room.

Does it work?

NH890 has two types of ultrasonic vibration humidification methods:

  • ultrasonic humidification (cool mist, room temperature); and
  • heat vaporizing (warm mist, up to 80 degrees). This warm mode is for faster humidification.

Powered by this ultrasonic technology, NH890 reliefs the impact of dry air in air-conditioned room by improving the relative humidity (“RH%”). I can control the level of RH% from 40% to 75% at an increment of 5% or in continuous mode (“CO”). I am guessing higher RH% is for during bouts of cough and flu, and lower during normal days.

The humidifier is also capable of long humidification hours. A big thumbs up because my baby is sleeping more than 10 hours now, so this is definitely useful. At least the humidification can last throughout her sleep at night.

Strictly speaking, I don’t feel a tangible rise in humidity, but my baby’s cough and stuffy nose seems to improve after using the humidifier. Also in these virus rampant days, I feel more assured to have the Concentrate working hard to sanitise the air for her.

What else to note?

The display indicator was too bright in our black out room. I could tap and hold the power control button to dim the display, although I did hope it could be dimmed further. Hence, I used a cloth to cover the indicator because it’s still quite glaring when I nurse my baby in the dark wee hours.

In addition, at certain points in time, the sound of water flowing into the reservoir can be heard. It’s quite loud, but it’s the soothing white noise kind of sound.

Do remember to register your product warranty within 14 days from date of purchase to enjoy comprehensive warranty coverage and after-sales experience. I would recommend buying an extended warranty!

How about the Concentrate?

Do sprinkle the novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate into the water reservoir filled with water and then turn on the humidifier.

I made the mistake of sprinkling into the water tank and wonder why I had to sprinkle so many drops! The bottle wouldn’t be able to last me long. That’s why when I first used it, I didn’t smell anything. It’s only when I refer to their website again that I found out about this. Glad I found out before finishing the whole bottle. novita should really come up with a simple manual for noob users like me!

By the way, the Citron Rouge scent is gentle and pleasant to the nose. So, humidify, sanitise and “scentitise” your room today with novita.

Review of novita Purifier NAP606

[UPDATE: 8 DEC 2020]

I like the sleekness and sophistication of the novita humidifier. Hence, I decided to get another novita product for my home: air purifier. We had air purifier for our children’s room but none for ours. Better to get it now then to wait until the haze is back. Avoid the rush and out of stock situation.

I wasn’t in a rush to get an air purifier because I didn’t think our air quality was that bad. But alas! The air purifier’s indicator went red. I think it’s because our neighbour has been smoking a lot these days, and the smoke wafted into our room.

The air purifier feels more like a commercial model. It is chunkier than we expected and the sound when it cleans the air is loud for a few minutes whenever we power it on. You can put it in silent mode though, but its air quality sensor light indicator will be bright. Fret not, you can choose auto mode. In this mode, the light will dim once the purifier detects that the room has become dark. The machine will also smartly go on hibernation once the air is sufficiently clean.

FYI, the filter of the air purifier can be used for two years before needing to replace it. I chose this model NAP606 because it is listed on NEA’s list of portable air cleaners. NEA does not endorse the products listed, but at least it means the air cleaner does as it is advertised.

So if you are thinking of getting a gift for yourself, housewarming or Christmas, this is a good option to buy! 😉

Let me know if you have any question. Or share with me your experience with this product. Leave a comment below.

Disclosure: This is an editorial review. The product is sent by the brand for consideration. However, my review is genuine and I am not being paid for publishing my experience with this product.

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  • Hi, I experience no mist when I woke up in morning, not sure if it happened during the night or just morning when I noted. Still trying to figure out how to set the humidity level, can you share? Do we set Co continuous so the mist won’t stop? Thank you for sharing.

  • I own one of this but have been experiencing water overflow out from the water reservoir and wondering if anyone has encountered this.

    • Has it been like this since you bought? It doesn’t overflow for me though. Perhaps it’s loose cap or something, best to check with Novita.

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