Review of TENCEL Lyocell Duvet and Bedsheets from Weavve Home (Singapore)

Took photos of JBL right after she woke up. 😆

Having the index finger point upwards is JBL’s way of a thumbs up. This is how she will answer me if something is good when I asked ‘Good?’. She’s as satisfied with the bed products as we do! 👍🏻

After trying the weighted blanket from @weavvehome for some time, the weight seemed normalised to my body. So I’ve been wanting to switch to a regular duvet to see if I’ll feel any pressure difference. Just so happen Weavve recently launched a Lyocell Duvet, the first duvet in Singapore using 100% TENCEL Lyocell in both its cover and filling. What’s more, this duvet is designed to be lighter than other duvets.

TENCEL Lyocell fibre has natural temperature regulating properties and hence excess heat is quickly dissipated for a cooling sensation. This means sleeping comfortably with the duvet without feeling too hot or cold. It is also naturally gentle and hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties.

This time we decided to try the full set of Lyocell sheets with this duvet for a complete TENCEL Lyocell experience… and boy, it felt so luxurious. The bedsheets felt like what it’s claimed on the website — smooth, soft and cool. Hubby went to bed first and couldn’t wait to tell me, he immediately texted me about how comfortable the sheets were.

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As for the duvet, even though it is lightweight and thin, it manages to keep us warm but not too warm. The duvet is not stiff and doesn’t make a crinkly sound like my previous quilt. In fact, according to Weavve, a duvet is a better option for Singapore’s warmer nights than the quilt. Quilt is typically much heavier than a duvet, and so if you prefer a cover that does not weigh you down, a duvet will be a better choice.

If you feel like trying the sheets and the duvet, there’s a 15% discount storewide with no min. spend. Check out with this promo code: JOOGOSTYLE15 at Take the leap to try, Weavve has a 100-day free return policy for their bedsheets. 😉 You can also follow @weavvehome on Instagram and Facebook.

P.s. check out their lavender sleep spray and silky eye mask too!

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